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Who's Responsible




We believe we can all make a difference to people, places and the planet. We also belive that although small we can make a difference here at Ingenious Oz Project, not just in the research we undertake but in the actions we take as well.

1. All our power usage is solar and when not solar is not active we use 100% accredited Green Power.
2. When travelling, we choose to use carbon credits on flights where and when possible.
3. We contribute to 'Greening Australia' monthly.

Diversity & Inclusion; Acknowledgement of 1st Nations people; Ethics


Diversity and Inclusion:
1. We believe everyone has the right to be treated equally and equitably.
2. We believe diversity and inclusion are not optional.
3. We place importance on diverse teams.
4. We believe diversity and inclusion are growth drivers.
5. We will not accept, and will not work with, anyone or any organisations that engage in unlawful, discriminatory and harassing conduct.

Acknowledgement of 1st Nations people
We acknowledge the 1st Nations people as traditional custodians of the lands we live and work in and pay respect to elders past present and future. We also acknowledge the contribution of 1st Nations people to this great land, this knowledge, ingenuity and culture.

Ethics, and responsibility:
1. We will always endeavour to act ethically, lawfully and with integrity.
2. We believe we have a responsibility to contribute and help our clients, their teams, in the best way we can.
3. We all believe we can act as good corporate citizens, regardless of how large or small, and that we can still be nice people.
4. It's important for us to always try do the right thing.

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