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Jumping on his bike for the 1st leg of Ingenious Oz, Nigel works primarily as a keynote speaker talking about his travels throughout Australia, the people he has met and lessons derived. Two years ago he wrote ‘Game of Inches’, published by Wiley and Sons, telling many of the stories he captured. Adding to this he has now ‘Game of Inches’ - a training and facilitation business helping small to medium businesses grow through grassroots innovation and constant improvement. His methodology is based on the lessons he learned.  When not riding his bike, speaking at conferences he lives in regional NSW.

For over 20 years Brad has worked as an editor, writer and journalist. He is also an avid scriptwriter, receiving development funding for Screen NSW for one script that remains in development, and being awarded Official Selection Status of the international screenwriting competition Oaxaca Film Fest 8. A co-written script he is currently working on about Bob Hope’s unexpected 24 hours in Laurieton NSW towards the end of WWII recently received favourable written comments from a recognised script assessment agent for Screen Australia and the Australian Writers Guild. 

Brad Foster - Journalist, writer


Ingenious Oz Project is the passion of Nigel Collin.

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