Our Quest: To inspire the ideas of a nation

Our Mission

We believe that if we can encourage others to pursue their ideas, Australia will be a richer and more interesting place.​ Our last trip was to the Northern Territory where we discovered and interviewed dozens of innovative Territorians. 

The Big Pivot 

The Big Pivot - Ingenious Australians working through COVID-19

An Overview

Australia is a very clever nation. We’ve always been very inventive and very creative at coming up with unique ways of doing things. In fact, we are far more ingenious than we give ourselves credit for.


As we see it, Australia is full of everyday Aussies doing ingenious things. Ingenious ideas can be found everywhere and on any level of our society and we want to celebrate that. We are going to travel this wonderful country to discover stories of everyday Australians who have implemented ingenious ideas that are making a difference to them, their businesses, their communities and to other Australians.


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Making hand-sanitizer in beer barrels, providing film production trucks for supermarket transport logistics, sending "care packages" to those working at home in isolation, Australian people and companies affected by the coronavirus are pivoting in ingenious ways to keep their people working.


Over the coming 10 weeks the Ingenious Oz Project will be interviewing a range of clever Australians working within tourism and events showcasing how they've pivoted to keep on keeping on.


The interviews will cover a range of stories about Aussie entrepreneurs and business leaders focusing on their innovation, how they've overcome adversity to thrive in this new world.


As Nigel put it: "By sharing stories of people like us who are out there doing it and not just talking about it, hopefully we can help other get through this thing.


"These short, sharp videos will demonstrate that Australians really are innovative and forward-thinking and will not only be an inspiration to other Aussies but people in other parts of the world. We think this will be particularly important for Australia in attracting both tourists and conventions to Australia when the COVID-19 threat is over."


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