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Our Quest: To Inspire the Ideas of a Nation 

[ In-ge-nious ]
clever, unique, fit-for-purpose

We believe if we can encourage others to pursue their ideas, Australia will be a richer and more interesting place.

We believe that innovation belongs to everyone.

Australia is a very clever nation. We’ve always been very inventive and very creative at coming up with unique ways of doing things. In fact, we are far more ingenious than we give ourselves credit for.


Most people don’t think they are very creative, and most people don’t think their ideas are of any value. As we see it, Australia is full of everyday Aussies doing ingenious things. Ingenious ideas can be found everywhere and on any level of our society. And we want to celebrate that.

Our Mission:

To share stories of clever, ingenious Australians to inspire others to pursue their ideas

To champion bottom-up innovation within organisations

What we do:

Ingenious Oz is about celebrating clever Australian businesses that are making a difference to them, their businesses, their communities and other Australians. 


We help organisations embed bottom-up innovation by delivering practical know-how and down-to-earth advice.

Our Impact:

Ingenious Oz gives many the opportunity to learn through the actions of others and to embed those learnings. It shows that everybody - whether part of a community, private or public organisation and no matter what level they are working at - can realise the power to innovate. 


  • It proves that innovation belongs to everyone.

  • It recognises the value of Grassroots Innovation.

  • It provides evidence-based insights to attain success based on what successful people do and how they do it.

A Fresh Approach:

Ingenious Oz Project is unique because we research innovation at a grassroots level, rather than pursuing the leviathans of the business. We focus on ideas, knowledge and process, rather than inventions, and we share stories because we believe we learn and understand best that way. 

Where do you want to go

Check out a range of interviews and case-studies from Ingenious Oz Project

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